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Sub Zero Repair

We have over 20 years of sub zero appliance repair experience. We specialize in all aspects of Sub Zero repair and servicing. Our technicians are ready to serve you whether you need repairs in your home or in your office. Call us today at (502)631-9731 and get the best budget-friendly service only our company can offer.

We provide 24/7 subzero appliance repair services. We have technicians dispatched throughout Louisville that allows us to respond to your service requests extremely fast as we realize how time sensitive appliance repair can be. You don’t have to go for a second opinion because our technicians are knowledgeable and will give you a precise diagnosis of the problem as well as an affordable and easy to understand estimate. We are honest, fair and are highly recommended.

If you have already received a diagnosis and estimate, especially for a high end appliance, we would encourage you to contact us to receive a side-by-side diagnosis. The cost of a service call is minimal compared to the value of your peace of mind, and don’t forget if we perform the work, the service call cost gets directed to the repair cost!

With us, you can be sure that all your appliances are in good hands. As an “A” rated BBB-certified member, we have a proven track record of satisfied clients. We respond to calls, arrive on time to scheduled appointments and our prices are always reasonable.

Sub-Zero is synonymous with high quality and matchless functioning. Requiring absolutely minimal maintenance, the products are made of aluminum, glass and steel using the most meticulous standards. Sub-Zero’s electronic appliances are tested thoroughly supplemented with innovative technologies. Today, it is an industrial leader supplying premium appliances worldwide. The refrigerators and freezers that are offered by Sub-Zero are a class apart in terms of technology.

Whether you are looking for a freezer, built-in refrigerator or an integrated one, Sub-Zero is what you are looking for. If you want to keep your food long lasting, the exhaustive range of Sub-Zero products should serve your purpose. Despite being one of the top brands in the market today, you still encounter an operational problem; feel free to contact one of our trained specialists who excel at repairing.

Sub-Zero is the first manufacturer offering a twin refrigeration system with two individual cooling areas to keep your food in a fresh condition to make it last for longer periods of time. Supplying an extensive range of productive freezing solutions, each product is produced indicatively. A+ Appliance Repair have been offering repair services for these appliances since time immemorial. Taking great pride in superior workmanship, customers can always guarantee outstanding customer satisfaction.

Ensuring same day repair services, our repair procedure is convenient. Call us at a time that is convenient for you and we will make it a point to reach you on the very same day. Our highly trained technicians are thoroughly equipped with immense knowledge about Sub-Zero repair services. We are not a generic repair service like the ones you find at every locality. We offer a warranty that is built on trust and understanding.

Appliance Repair, we understand that your Sub-Zero refrigerator is a valuable investment and protecting this is our job. There could be times when your appliance isn’t functioning at its peak and repair work becomes unavoidable. With a fully licensed team of experts, expect the best repair services when it comes to Sub-Zero electrical appliances. Our aim is to make your Sub-Zero products function normally. For definitive repair servicing, contact us to book an appointment. Our handpicked technicians are adept with just the right amount of experience and a commitment to fix all your products. With a follow-up after every visit, we ensure our customers are fully satisfied and that are job is done right.

We service Louisville and surrounding areas and pride ourselves in being able to get to our clients when they need us, not when we can get there!



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