Common Reasons Why A Washer May Stop Spinning

There was a time when people used to wash their clothes using their hands but since technology has advanced and washing machines came to the market, we no longer need to utilize our physical strength to get rid of those stubborn stains on our clothes. The machine does everything for us from cleaning to rinsing to drying, everything gets done in a top-quality washer. But when it stops working for some reason and we again have to reluctantly use our hands to wash our dirty clothes, the importance of washer in our lives becomes even more evident.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the reasons why your Kenmore washer stops spinning and what you can do to fix it. Do know that certain issues call for an inspection from a professional repair company and won’t get fixed by you. Now, let’s take a look at those reasons.

  • One of the most common reasons for your washer to stop spinning is load imbalance. This problem mostly occurs in top loading washing machines when clothes’ weight gets unevenly distributed. This causes the machine to stop on its own as soon as it senses load imbalance. To fix this, turn off the machine, equally distribute the clothes, and then close the lid

  • A front load washing machine may stop spinning because of a clogged drain trap. In this drain trap, small items unknowingly picked up with the laundry or present in pockets accumulate. This drain trap’s main job is to stop items from making their way to the main drain and causing problems there. But when this drain trap itself gets clogged, your washer won’t spin as a result. Locate this drain trap in your washer and remove whatever’s trapped in it

  • In most front loading washing machines and some top loading machines, there is a safety mechanism built which stops the door from being opened in the middle of the cycle. The door locking system sends a signal to the control system that the machine can start spinning as its door is properly locked. However, this locking system in the washer can malfunction at times, display an error code, and stop the machine from spinning. You should call an appliance repair company to look at this problem

Apart from these, washer’s worn out drive belt could be responsible or its drive motor coupling. These problems require professional inspection and repair. Get in touch with A+ Appliance Repair for all your washer repairing needs. If you struggle to locate an issue or fix it, then do not waste your time or cause further damage to your washer by carrying out your own inspection. Call us instead as we are known for top-quality Kenmore washer repair service and our trained technicians will locate and fix the issue in no time.